Made in USA: Turning preference into purchases (part 1).

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Republished with permission from Harry C. Moser, Founder and President, Reshoring Initiative® Published February 12, 2019, Assembly Magazine Studies show that Americans prefer U.S.-made products, and that this preference can help bring manufacturing back home. But can we turn consumer preference into purchases? The Reshoring Initiative has aggregated consumer surveys from 10 sources, gleaning insight […]

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Made in USA Brand Guest Post

A Surge in Consumer Preference for Made in USA

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The opinions and views expressed in any guest post featured on are those of the guest author and do not reflect the opinions and views of Made in the USA Brand, LLC. GUEST POST: TOM BONINE, PRESIDENT OF NATIONAL METAL FABRICATORS A surge in consumer preference for made-in-USA products is more and more apparent […]

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