Veterans Day

What Veterans Day Means to Me

November 12th, 2012 Comments Off on What Veterans Day Means to Me
Marine Memorial

Uncommon valor was a common virtue.

Essay submitted by Colin, 5th Grade, Millersburg, OH

This is what Veterans Day means to me. It is a time of celebrating the men and women that have served and are serving in the military. It is also a time to respect the people that served and the people that were injured. The reason we need to respect them is because they fought for our country, gave us freedom and put their lives on the line for our country.

Veterans are also very special people because it takes a brave person to fight in a war or serve for the military. Many also have to get shipped away from their family and have to do very hard work, which would not be easy.

I would not want to be in the military, but I’m thankful that there are people that want to. So, this is what Veteran’s Day means to me.

Thank you, Colin, for honoring Veterans with your essay. -Made in USA Brand

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Take your commitment to Made in USA to heart. Take the pledge!

January 1st, 2013 Comments Off on Take your commitment to Made in USA to heart. Take the pledge!

Pledge to be a consumer of American made products, and in the process, you’ll have a positive and meaningful impact. On your neighbors. On the businesses down the street. And on the economy from coast to coast.

Build With America Radio Program

Major Radio Networks to Broadcast and Add the Build with America Show to their Programming Lineup.

September 11th, 2012 Comments Off on Major Radio Networks to Broadcast and Add the Build with America Show to their Programming Lineup.

NEW ORLEANS, La. September 11th 2012 … It was announced today by Michael King President and CEO of the Kings Broadcasting Network, Syndicators of the popular radio shows Home Talk USA and Build with America, that the Business Talk Radio, The Genesis Communication and the Radio Networks will all add the new Build w America Radio Program to their broadcasting and programming lineups.

John Patch speaking on behalf of the Business Talk Radio Network said that,” The new radio call in program called “Build with America”, will be focusing on home improvement products and technology companies that manufacture, produce and assemble right here in the US by our American Workers. Each week, Michael King will feature one of these American made home construction/ home improvement companies on the show, taking calls and discussing the many features and benefits of purchasing these products by US Consumers. “

Michael King the host/producer of the show went on to say that, “I’m excited about the fact that all these top radio networks decided to carry the show, but they all wanted me to host it. My expressed intention of this program, is for our listening audience, which will be comprised of US Consumers, to make my guest accessible to them. The sole purpose is not only create consumer awareness for US consumers, but when they actually purchase these products, it  will in a sense be creating much-needed jobs right here in the US. The long term goal is to start manufacturing these products right back here in the United States. “

The creation of the program was inspired by the Bozeman, Montana home that was built with 100% American made home construction and home improvement products that was featured by Diane Sawyer of ABC News and promoted on Home Talk USA.

On average, the US builds about 1.4 million homes a year at a construction cost of $280 Billion. If builders would just reallocate 5% of their construction spending to America made products, this would add roughly $10 billion to the America GNP. So what if every family in the US reallocated 5% of their spending to American made products? This would translate into the creation of roughly 3 million new job!” ( Quote provided by

If you have questions, need further information or would like to know about broadcasting times and dates, Please visit

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USA Trend Watch: Mitchum: Hardest Working ________ In America Video

May 17th, 2010 1 Comment

As seen on Creativity, just launched an integrated campaign on behalf of hard working anti-perspirant Mitchum to find The Hardest Working (insert job title here) in America.

Films highlight hard-working Americans from various vocations. The films will appear online at the site, on TV and in live screenings.

Viewers can compete for the title of hardest working person by submitting films, building social media fan pages, even offering promotional merchandise, and contestants can check on the intensity of their work ethic via a hardest working iPhone app.

The winner receives $100,000 and other Mitchum-themed goodies.

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Florida’s Natural® Brand Packaging: A Brand Trend Watch

December 1st, 2009 Comments Off on Florida’s Natural® Brand Packaging: A Brand Trend Watch

About Made in USA Brand: All Made in USA Brand licensees meet accreditation standards through self-certification. Made in USA Brand does not verify members’ U.S. origin claims. (Florida’s Natural® Brand is not a Made in USA Brand licensee.)


Florida’s Natural® Brand is using their real estate on their packaging to tell their brand story. One package’s headline reads: We can tell you where our orange juice comes from. In fact, we can tell you who it comes from. The package features four photos of actual growers with a caption of their name(s). Another package utilizing Florida’s Natural® Brand’s brand story uses the simple headline: Thank you. The copy is a personalized note from Edwin Friedlander: As a second generation grower with Florida Natural co-op, I sincerely thank you for buying juice that isn’t imported. Because of your continued support, I’m able to continue a way of life that was passed down from my father. I hope you get as much enjoyment drinking juice made form Florida oranges as I get from growing them. Sincerely, Edwin Friedlander. Two photos of Edwin are shown. Both packages close with: Unlike other major brands’ orange juice, this juice is never Imported. Florida’s Natural®. From Florida and only Florida.