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Made in USA Brand Verification Program Now Available

Trend Watch on December 14th, 2015 Comments Off on Made in USA Brand Verification Program Now Available

Made_in_USA_Brand-GBQ_logoMade in USA Brand has teamed with GBQ Partners, an independent CPA firm, to provide manufacturers with the option of an independent and objective evaluation of their Made in USA claims. Manufacturers who choose to participate will be able to advertise their Made in the USA claims with the greater credibility afforded by the program. Manufacturers that participate in the program will go through the verification process to use the Made in USA Brand Certification Mark without the disclosure self-certified beneath the mark.

Contact Tom Powers, Verification Administrator, to schedule a complimentary consultation: or (614) 947-5215



All Made in USA Brand licensees meet accreditation standards through verification or self-certification. Made in USA Brand does not verify members’ self-certified U.S. origin claims.

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