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Creating the American Manufacturing Awards

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Manufacturing products that are made in America is becoming increasingly important to conscientious consumers. The National Hardware Show, Made in USA Brand and GBQ Partners are working together to support manufacturers who are at the forefront of this national trend.

Made in USA Brand has commissioned glass artist Matt Paskiet, founder of Firenation Glass Studio and Gallery, to fabricate the 2019 National Hardware Show American Manufacturing Awards. Located in downtown Holland, Ohio, Firenation is a working glass studio divided into the hot shop (where pieces are made) and cold shop (where pieces are ground, buffed, and polished).

The National Hardware Show American Manufacturing Award’s ceremony will take place on May 8th on the main stage at the 2019 National Hardware Show in Las Vegas, NV.

About Made in USA Brand

If you wish to verify your Made in USA claim to use the Verified Made in USA Brand Certification Mark logo with an assigned verification number beneath, please contact: Tom Powers, Verification Administrator, to schedule a complimentary consultation.

[ For planning purposes, the verification program starts at $1,500. ]


All Made in USA Brand licensees meet accreditation standards through verification or self-certification. Made in USA Brand does not verify members’ self-certified U.S. origin claims.

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