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The Made in USA Brand certification mark icon

The Made in USA Brand certification mark icon creates the shape of an outstretched hand, while symbolizing the United States flag. The fingers of the hand appear in red as a tribute to the stripes on the flag. Cradled in a palm of blue, a single white star represents unity. The shape of a hand was chosen to stand for the products that are “made” by the hands of workers at United States companies. The icon appears in the position of a business handshake, which represents the promise of reliability and quality of goods and products made in America.

The Made in USA Brand certification mark is a non-mandatory brand enhancer and identifier of goods made or grown in the United States. Situation: There are so many U.S. companies that could claim Made in USA but don’t think to do it. An awareness opportunity is lost. Solution: Businesses that meet the accreditation standards are invited to use the Made in USA brand certification mark on their products that in return enhances their brand for the market.

The country of origin differentiates U.S. goods from the competition. Studies show that countries of origin have an impact on the willingness of customers to buy a product. Customers may have a relative preference to buy products from their own country. A survey by FIND/SVP found “83% of respondents said they would buy “Made in America” products as their first choice if given the option between goods made in the U.S. and those made abroad.”

Made in USA Brand Certification Mark


A marketplace where buyers and sellers recognize at a glance reliable, quality goods made or grown in the U.S.


  • To be the consistent brand enhancer and identifier of all goods made or grown in the U.S.
  • For buyers and sellers to identify the Made in USA Brand certification mark with products and goods they can trust.
  • Encouraging the United States to be the desired country of origin for products at the point of sale.
  • Celebrating the “fruits of labor” of American companies, workers and farmers.
  • Create awareness for the United States as the country of origin benchmark for reliable, quality goods across the country and around the world.

About the authors

Author: Concept & Message

Marcie Gabor
President, Made in USA Brand and Principal, Conrad | Phillips | Vutech

Conrad | Phillips | Vutech helps brands build equity by influencing desired behavior by uncovering the brand’s competitive advantage through insight and leveraging it.

Marcie Gabor has developed a passion for branding during her 25 years of experience as an award-winning art director and branding professional. On the job and off the job she is always studying brands and watching for insightful ways companies could enhance their brand experience for their customers. The concept for the Made in USA Brand certification mark came from her observation of the lack of consistency of how Made in USA products and goods are identified.

Until now, there has been no registered certification mark for consistently identifying that a Made in USA product is of U.S. origin. The Made in USA Brand certification mark provides that consistency and is now being utilized by over 900 manufacturers throughout the U.S. –Marcie Gabor

Author: Design

Steve Gabor
Adjunct Instructor, Columbus College of Art & Design
Principal, Salvato Coe + Gabor (Retired)

Salvato Coe + Gabor (SCG) is a strategic design and branding firm, creating print and digital-based solutions for some of the nation’s leading companies.

Steve Gabor has 25 years of experience as a design and advertising professional. His forte is logo design.
He has been honored for design and advertising excellence by Print Magazines Regional Design Annuals (12 consecutive years), Print’s Best Logos and Symbols Annual, How Magazine, Communication Arts, Step by Step Magazine, Supon International Design Awards, Fifth District and Columbus Addy Awards, Cincinnati’s Art Directors Club, Cleveland Society of Communicating Arts, Columbus Society of Communicating Arts, Mead Top 60 Awards.

A logo is the foundational element of visual identity. It is the distilled essence of an entity—expressed in line, shape, color, and type—and becomes the “ambassador” of that entity to the world.


Marketing Partner

Thank you for your interest in the Made In USA Brand Certification Mark logo. It could represent an important first step in differentiating your products from your competitors.

If you’d like to think beyond the use of the certification mark, we’d like to learn more about you. We are a branding firm with Midwestern values and clients.

We are strategic in our thinking and channel neutral in our approach. In other words, we focus on spending our client’s marketing dollars where they matter most. Our manufacturing clients tend to be fully engaged with a variety of our services. We work best as a marketing partner, involved with the client’s annual marketing plan and budgets. We are not project based.

If you are a Made in USA manufacturer interested in working with a deeply experienced team of strategists and specialists, please contact me.

If you are a newly certified user of the Made in USA Brand Certification Mark, congratulations!

Best regards,

Jim Vutech
Principal, Conrad Phillips Vutech

Direct dial: 614-453-1413
E-mail: jim@cpvinc.com


Conrad | Phillips | Vutech

We help organizations and brands reaffirm and articulate who they are, what they stand for, and where they want to go.

While use of the Made in USA Brand Certification Mark is voluntary, there may be more you can do to enhance your product’s brand identity beyond use of the certification mark. Contact us for a no obligation conversation about how we can develop an entire brand strategy for your manufacturing enterprise.

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We field a deeply experienced team of strategists and specialists.
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